Dear colleagues, if in your practice you had interesting clinical cases, rare diseases, or non-standard courses, if you are a participant in a fundamental or clinical hair study and you would like to share your observations with colleagues, we invite you to submit abstracts to participate in the EEAHRS 2021 Congress. The best cases will be included in the scientific program of the Congress, in the section "Trichology Consilium" or in the form of e-poster presentations. Poster presentations will be available in your personal account on the broadcast page. Abstracts for reports and e-posters will be published on the Congress website 2 months after the event.


  • 01

    Aging hair

  • 02

    Graying hair

  • 03

    Hormones and hair / Menopause and hair

  • 04

    Age-associated trichopathies

  • 05

    Androgenetic alopecia

  • 06

    Senile alopecia

  • 07


  • 08

    Late onset of alopecia areata 

  • 09

    Aging scalp 

  • 10

    Idiopathic pruritus

  • 11

    Erosive pustular dermatosis

  • 12

    Therapeutic strategies for reversing hair loss and pigmentation

  • 13

    Possibilities of regenerative trichology

  • 14

    Reconstructive surgery for hair restoration

  • 15

    «Covid-19 & Hair»

The Scientific Committee announces admission of abstracts from experts in the field of studying biology of hair, diseases of hair and scalp, and clinical practice. Please note that papers submitted in electronic form are accepted. Please send your abstract to: 


The thesis should be written in English in Times New Roman font of 11 points with a single line spacing. The name of the file in MS Word must contain the last name of the author. When submitting several abstracts by one author, the author's name should follow the corresponding number. Please indicate the type of report: oral or poster. The final decision on the presentation will be made by the Scientific Committee. The value of the thesis will be assessed by the EEAHRS Board and members of the International Scientific Committee of the EEAHRS2021, the  decision of which will be announced to your email.


Deadline of the submission of theses: 05.05.2021.


  • The thesis should be written in English in Times New Roman font of 11 points with a single line spacing.
  • Title - in bold capital letters.
  • From the new line, list the authors' names separated by commas (initials, separated by a full stop, then a space and last name, comma and the following name, if necessary).
  • The name of the author of the presentation should be underlined. Do not add academic titles (for example, Prof., Dr, etc).
  • Empty line.
  • Thesis text from a new line without indents. The thesis must be informative and meet scientific requirements. It should consist of such parts: introductory part, goals, methods, results, conclusions (without the names of the parts). Tables and pictures cannot be used. Text size should not exceed 2500 characters (with spaces), contain links.
  • New line with the name of the institution of responsible authors. City, zip code and country. The email address of the responsible author.


  • Only material in PDF format can be accepted.
  • All e-Posters should have one page only, in landscape.
  • To assure the best quality of your e-Poster, we recommend that the .pdf file has the size of an A0 sheet (841mm x 1189mm or 33.11in × 46.81in).
  • In case you are using Photoshop to create your ePoster, you can also see its resolution, which should be a minimum of 200dpi.
  • Animated images and animations are not permitted for e-Posters and will be non- functioning.
  • The title of the report, the name of the authors and the affiliation to the organization are indicated at the top.
  • The content of the report should be clear and understandable without verbal explanation.
  • The content of your poster should correspond to the information included in your thesis.
  • Clear charts, formulas, graphs, diagrams, and images give more understanding than condensed text.
  • Use acceptable and compatible colors of fronts, backgrounds and graphics, provide free space between words, sections and pictures.